Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bachmann skips 2012 House Intelligence budget vote to tailgate with Iowa football fans

Bachmann missed 50% of House votes in 2011 3Q

By Karl Bremer

On the weekend of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Michele Bachmann chose ‘rubbing shoulders with a rowdy crowd of beer-toting tailgaters’ in Iowa over voting to fund the nation’s intelligence agencies.

At Thursday night’s debate of GOP presidential candidates, as she’s done many times in the past, Bachmann bragged about how her service on the House Intelligence Committee gives her special insight into national security issues.

“I sit on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” she said, responding to a question about Libya (go to 24:50 in this video). “We deal with the nation’s classified secrets, and I firmly believe that the President of the United States has weakened us militarily and put us more at risk than at any time.”

Yet the following day, Bachmann skipped the House vote on the 2012 Intelligence Authorization Act, which passed 384-14. That same day, Bachmann also missed the House’s solemn remembrance of 9/11 and passage of a resolution commemorating the terrorist attacks that day.

Instead, Bachmann was getting ready to party down with University of Iowa and Iowa State University football fans in her adopted home state bright and early at 9 the next morning.

The Des Moines Register reported that “As Bachmann weaved through the crowd she was met with football fans young and old, kissing babies, chatting up college students and warmly greeting older fans. From just beyond these personal embraces, she was asked, over and over again, whether she wanted a beer.”

“She danced with babies, flipped burgers for hungry tailgaters and hugged fans outside Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday morning,” the Omaha World-Herald reported. “Bachmann autographed footballs and nuzzled babies' cheeks amidst the thousands of sports fans who turned out to watch the rivals compete. She sported a custom-made jersey, No. 12, that incorporated the logos of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State University Cyclones and boasted to fans of both stripes that it was an ‘I-love-everybody’ look.

“She spun in circles, swarmed by a throng of reporters and some supporting state senators, smiling for the cameras of fans seeking a photo opportunity.”

Bachmann has missed an astounding 50 percent of House votes in the Third Quarter of 2011. Her voting absentee rate has skyrocketed since announcing her run for president.

Meanwhile, constituents of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, which Bachmann allegedly represents, are waiting for the next Bachmann town hall meeting. She has held one in her district since her election to Congress in 2006, and that was in 2009.

Bachmann is paid an annual salary of $174,000 a year.


  1. Very disappointed in Mrs.Bachmann's job representing Stillwater and the rest of the sixth district.

  2. I realized that Bachmann is a local and there probably some merit to covering her actions, but she is a non-factor in the Presidential race at this point. But I guess your larger point is that she isn't doing her job as a Rep of the 6th District either... Maybe that is why she can't be POTUS?

    How could she be the POTUS representing the whole country, when she can't even effectively represent her District?

  3. Ripple drinker in Stillwater
    Typical liberal attack on a conservative women. Let's look at Franken's record of voting, and how many naps he has taken during the sessions.
    She did her work prior to the vote, and given the results she knew her vote did not matter one way or another.

  4. Bachmann had a terrible attendance record in the MN Senate and before she started running for president already had a terible attendance record in the U.S. House. She ditches her job to jet off as super guest star every chance she gets.I guess she knows the contributions of a legislative lightweight like herself won't be missed when she shirks her job for appearances to boost her public profile. And judging from her fanatical(and somtimes paid defenders)-we see her cult-like followers will defend her no matter how ridiculous their analogies. (see comment above)

  5. "Typical liberal attack on a conservative women"?!

    The fact that she is not present to do her job is not an attack; it's a fact. No one is clairvoyant; she can't know what the vote is before it happened. Furthermore, as a 6th district taxpayer, I'm not paying her to spend time in IOWA when she's supposed to be representing Minnesotans. Well, one could argue, that when she actually IS in Washington, she doesn't even do that very well.

    But just for kicks, I went ahead and looked up Franken's attendance.

    "Al Franken missed 0 (0%) of 609 roll call votes since Jul 7, 2009."

    Yes, that's right--ZERO. That's exactly what I expect out of my representation.

    Check it out:

  6. Stick a fork in her - she's dead . . . . hopefully she has killed herself at home as well. Watch her though, it is going to be very interesting to watch her go down, she will not go easily is my prediction . . .

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