Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Madness of Michele Bachmann' book signing December 10 at Common Good Books in St. Paul

The authors of "The Madness of Michele Bachmann" -- myself, Ken Avidor and Eva Young -- will sign copies of our book at Common Good Books, 165 Western Ave. N., St. Paul, on December 10 at 2 p.m. Come out and meet the authors behind the bylines and get your holiday shopping done at the same time!


  1. Contrast the reflex demagoguery of Obama with the intellectual integrity of Congresswoman Bachmann, who remains a principled Constitutional Conservative whatever her audience.
    Barack Obama said that he campaigned "in all 57 states;" that our country was founded "20 centuries ago;" pronounced Navy Corpsman "corpseman;" called "Austrian" a foreign language; referred to "The President of Canada" and to Europe as "a country."
    At a 11/13/11 press conference in Honolulu, President Obama, born in Hawaii, mistakenly described his location as "Asia". There are 50 States in the USA. But there are 57 Muslim States in the world: a Freudian slip by Barack Hussein Obama.
    More significantly, Obama lied about his relationship with convicted terrorist Bill Ayers, whom Obama called "some guy in the neighborhood." Ayers was an early Obama political supporter. Obama began his campaign for the Illinois State Senate at a fundraiser at Ayers' house.
    Obama has degrees from Ivy League colleges. He did time as a part-time professor. At Columbia, Harvard and the University of Chicago, he absorbed the politically correct nostrums of the academic left. But he did not learn critical thinking skills. He did not have to learn how to think, since he was thinking all the "right" thoughts anyway. So he came to office with lots of ideological preconceptions but without the ability to adapt or innovate. As a result, he is simply in over his head intellectually--at the mercy of allies, opponents, and events.

  2. I'm buying this book for my spouse as a holiday gift -- certain to raise blood pressure . . . .

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