Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Redistricting poses tough choices for Bachmann's political future

By Karl Bremer

Minnesota’s congressional redistricting maps released today present a dilemma for our MIA failed presidential candidate Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

In a nutshell:

  • Bachmann’s million-dollar golf course palace in West Lakeland Township is now in the 4th CD represented by Betty McCollum, presenting a possible match-up between Bachmann and McCollum.
  • Fearing a real opponent in McCollum, Bachmann has vowed to run in the 6th CD rather than in the 4th CD in which she lives. That Bachmann would consider representing a district in which she doesn’t live—and isn’t required by law to live in—should surprise no one. Bachmann has been running for president and claiming to represent Iowa for the past year while purportedly representing Minnesota’s 6th CD in Congress.
  • Bachmann’s marquee issue—the $700-million Boondoggle Bridge across the St. Croix River—will be null and void for her if she decides to run in the 6th CD, as the proposed new bridge site in Oak Park Heights, the City of Stillwater and the old Stillwater Lift Bridge are now in the 4th CD—McCollum’s district. That will leave the Star-Tribune and Pioneer Press newspaper editorialists, along with Stillwater Mayor Ken Harycki and his cronies, looking like fools for chastising McCollum to stay out of the bridge debate because it’s not in her district. This scenario would clearly make the bridge debate McCollum’s issue and not Bachmann’s.

Which will it be, Michele? Face a real challenge from an incumbent congresswoman? Run in a district in which you don’t even live?  Carpetbag into the new 6th CD where you think your wingnut base will send you back to your $174,000-a-year salary to continue promoting yourself?  Abandon your precious Boondoggle Bridge?

Some tough choices ahead for our absentee congresswoman.


In a fundraising email to supporters tonight announcing her plans to run in a congressional district in which she doesn't live, Bachmann charged the five-judge redistricting panel responsible for the "injustice" of placing her in the same district as DFL Congresswoman Betty McCollum with "liberal bias."

"Just as we suspected, the liberal courts have changed the makeup of Minnesota's Congressional districts," Bachmann wrote. Unfortunately, she's lying again.

Of the five judges on the panel, two were appointed by GOP Governors Tim Pawlenty and Arne Carlsen, two were appointed by IP Governor Jesse Ventura, and one was appointed by DFL Governor Rudy Perpich.

"The courts' liberal bias was evident by cherrypicking the districts and going so far as to draw my home — where I have raised my family and represented in Congress for the past six years — outside the new sixth district," Bachmann continued. "I refuse to allow the courts to arbitrarily determine who my friends, neighbors, and constituents are, and I will take every necessary step to correct this injustice.

Another lie.

Bachmann put the 3,200-square foot Stillwater home where she raised her family on the market for $359,000 in 2008 and moved away to a $1.27-million, 5,200-square-foot palace on the 18th hole of Stoneridge Golf Course in West Lakeland Township that same year. She was hardly forced into the move by the "liberal courts."

"I have therefore decided to campaign for re-election in the new sixth district, where a majority of my constituents remain," Bachmann concludes her email, before tapping the rubes for money one more time.

Photo illustration by Ken Avidor.


  1. Maybe Avidor can do a graphic of Michele and the Chipper with their carpet bags.

  2. In her presser, she said that she had gone to college in the 6th when she was ticking off connections to the district. But didn't Michele go to college in Winona? In what is now the 1st district, and probably was then, too.

  3. good info. Why am I not surprised to learn she would twist the truth on the judges. I would like to see the main stream media pick that up.

  4. Yes, she went to Winona State, which has always been in the First District. My wife and I ran the Carter campaign in Winona in 1976. She claims to have been part of that campaign (shortly before converting), but we don't remember her.

    Her fans wouldn't be bothered by the carpet bag label, but I expect she will move anyway and that's fine with me: I live in West Lakeland and will be happy to be rid of her. Welcome, Betty!

  5. Bachmann touts eliminating government waste yet she gets paid for one federal job (representing the 6th district) while virtually spending months and months being “fully committed“ to her other job (running for president). Shouldn’t the Stillwater Bridge project have been further along in the House if she had been doing her job for the 6th district? What a hypocrite.

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