Friday, April 20, 2012

'Ripple in Stillwater' voted City Pages' 'Best Local Blog-2012'

By Karl Bremer

Ripple in Stillwater is happy to announce our latest award—City Pages’ “Best Local Blog – 2012.” 

Welcome new readers! As you peruse the blog, you might gather that my recent health issues have slowed down the entries somewhat. But there’s plenty more to dig into in the archives—from fraudsters to Felix, the Blue Light to the Boondoggle Bridge.

“If you're looking for the real dirt on Stillwater politics,” City Pages writes, “we recommend skipping the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press and going straight to Ripple in Stillwater.”

We appreciate the recognition by our peers on the Interwebs, and hope you'll agree that we're worthy of it. Stick around—there’s plenty more to come.