Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Note to Readers of Ripple in Stillwater - Thank You

Karl Bremer, journalist, photographer, friend and the proprietor of this blog passed away January 15, 2013 from complications related to pancreatic cancer.

Ripple in Stillwater will remain on the web as an archive and resource for reporters, historians and anyone who shares Karl's passion for music, art, the environment and the beautiful St. Croix Valley.

We want to thank the many loyal readers of Ripple in Stillwater.

If this is your first time here, if you just happen to be here via a search or link from another website, Thank you for stopping by. Please stay awhile, read and enjoy Karl's many well-crafted articles and photos. If you find something here worth mentioning elsewhere, please credit the author and link back to the source. Thanks again.

Articles About and Tributes to Karl Bremer:

Stillwater Gazette: "Local blogger Karl Bremer dies"- Avery Cropp

Firedog Lake: "Ave Atque Vale, Karl Bremer" - Phoenix Woman

Pioneer Press: "Obituary: Stillwater journalist Karl Bremer dies" by Mary Divine.

Star Tribune: "Obituary: Blogger Karl Bremer kept Stillwater on its toes" Kevin Giles.

Stillwater Patch: "Ripple in Stillwater Writer Karl Bremer Dies" - Shawn Hogendorf

FDL: "Come Saturday Morning: Here’s to You, Karl Bremer" - Phoenix Woman (February 18, 2012)

Star Tribune: "Stillwater-based political blogger keeps ire stoked" - Kevin Giles (February 20, 2012).


  1. I never met Karl, but as a fan of this blog, am pleased to learn it will stay up as a resource. My condolences to his family and friends for their personal loss. And I join the many others who mourn Karl's untimely death and will remember his public work with appreciation and admiration.

  2. Add my condolences to the many. I've read many of Karl's blog entries here. I've been aware of his work over the years. Thank goodness there are still REAL folks who pass through our lives every once in a while -Karl was one. Thank you, Karl.

  3. Fair thee well. I brought your likeness to the Pittsburgh Community Foodbanks benefit show....I'm certain you had a great time...

    Always loved your work.

    here's the 2nd set...

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